Leiba Meyerovich Gelgor

L. M. Gelgor (Leiba Meyerovich Gelgor) was a Grodno based photographer. He and his father, Meyer Gelgor, opened a photography studio in 1901 at The House of Kurlandsky on Cathedral Plaza in Grodno, Poland [now Hrodna, Belarus]. Gelgor was awarded a prestigious gold medal at the Brussels Exhibition in 1905 and this was mentioned on his imprint on the back of photographic prints, as was the custom at the time. The imprint also advertises that he specialised in portrait enlargements to a natural size as well as photo portraits on brooches, cufflinks, pins, charms and key chains.

In 1931, Gelgor visited the nearby town of Lunna, which had a large Jewish population, and documented the fire that destroyed many of the town’s wooden buildings. These photos were published in the Art Section of The Forward newspaper on 30 August 1931.

He also took several photos of ORT courses and agricultural activities in his hometown during the 1920s-1930s [see images].

Gelgor closed his studio in the 1930s and emigrated to Palestine, where he opened a photography shop in Bialik Street in Ramat Gan.