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Useful links

The following links and web resources have been identified as being of particular interest to, or relevance for, researchers using our collections.


ORT records in other archives:

ORT France Archives

Includes records of ORT France, some World ORT records and records relating to ORT activities in North Africa.

Contact Laure Fourtage: [email protected]

Tel: +33(0)1 44 17 30 80


The Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People (CAHJP), now part of the National Library of Israel

Holds a significant collection of World ORT records.

Email address: [email protected]

Tel: +972 (0)2 6586249



YIVO Library & Archives, New York

Holds a significant collection of World ORT, ORT Vilna and American ORT Federation records.

E-mail address: [email protected]
Tel: +1 212 2466080


Relevant collections include:

World ORT Union, 1923-1955, RG252

ORT Society Vilna

Guide to the Records of the ORT Jewish Vocational School (Technicum) in Vilna,  RG 21

Israel Okun, Engineer, Director of the ORT Vocational School in Vilna, Poland, 1920s, 1920-1941

American ORT Federation, 1922-1960, RG380


Jewish Historical Institute Warsaw, Poland

Holds records regarding ORT’s work in post-war Poland.

E-mail: [email protected]  

Tel: +48 22 827 9221 ext. 124


Leo Baeck Institute, New York/Berlin

Holds records of World ORT Union and ORT Germany, as well as records relating to ORT in other countries including Latin America.

Tel: +1 212 7446400 or +1 212 2948340

See in particular:

ORT Collection, 1926-1930

William Graetz Collection, 1915-1974. William Graetz was the Chairman of ORT Germany.


Information about the Holocaust, the post-war period and the Displaced Persons (DP) camps:

“ORT and the Displaced Person Camps”, World ORT


"Music and the Holocaust", World ORT


"Learning about the Holocaust through Art", World ORT



The United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration (UNRRA) was the agency responsible for the DP camps as a whole until 1947, when it was taken over by the International Refugee Organization (IRO). The following link gives information these organisations’ respective archives:


JDC archives


United States Holocaust Memorial Museum


YIVO Library & Archives, New York

Displaced Persons Camps in Germany, Austria, and Italy. Records, 1945-1952, RG 294
Records related to the administration of the refugee camps established in the American and British zones of Austria and Germany, and in Italy, shortly after the end of World War II. Material related to cultural, educational, political, and religious life in these camps.

Germany RG294.2:

Italy RG294.3:


Wiener Library, London

Includes document collections on the Nazi era, the Holocaust and related subjects; significant collections relating to the rescue and rehabilitation of Jews in Europe, pre-war antisemitism and the racial and political persecution of victims of Nazism; the International Tracing Service (ITS) digital archive; and refugee family papers. Among these, the Henriques Archive comprises the working papers of Rose Henriques from 1945 to 1950, when she served as head of the Germany Section of the Jewish Committee for Relief Abroad (JCRA) and led one of the Jewish Relief Units (JRU) into the former concentration camp of Bergen-Belsen.

Also provides further useful links for research into the Holocaust and Nazi era:


The Association of Jewish Refugees (AJR) 

Provides social, welfare and care services to Jewish victims of Nazi oppression living in Great Britain.

Email address: [email protected]

Tel: 020 8385 3070



Yad Vashem, Jerusalem

World centre for documentation, research, education and commemoration of the Holocaust.

Includes many resources, including the Central Database of Shoah Victims' Names.

Tel: Reference and Information Services +972 (0)2 6443745



The International Tracing Service (ITS), Bad Arolsen, Germany

Email address: [email protected] 

Tel: +49 (0)5691 6290



Kitchener Camp: Refugees in Britain in 1939


Jewish DP Camps and Communities in West Germany


Online photographic collections related to ORT’s work, places and periods of operation:

"People of a Thousand Towns"

YIVO Online Catalog of Photographs of Jewish Life in Prewar Eastern Europe


YIVO Digital Archive on Jewish Life in Poland

Includes selected photographs of Jewish life in Poland before World War II from YIVO’s collections:|23931


Roman Vishniac Rediscovered, International Center of Photography (ICP), New York


JDC photographic collections


Online exhibitions related to ORT’s work and history:

"Educating for Life: ORT in Lithuania", World ORT & the Vilna Gaon State Jewish Museum

An online version of an exhibition held at the Vilna Gaon State Jewish Museum in 2013-14. The exhibition illustrates the day-to-day activities of the trades courses and schools set up by ORT all over Lithuania between the two world wars.


"The Hope and the Illusion", World ORT

Chronicles ORT’s role in the little known but historically significant story of the Jewish autonomous regions in Ukraine, Belorussia, the Crimea and Birobidzhan during the period 1921-1938.


"Stalin’s Forgotten Zion: An Illustrated History, 1928-1996", Swarthmore College


General resources for research, education and genealogy:

The YIVO Encyclopedia of Jews in Eastern Europe




ANU – Museum of the Jewish People [Beit Hatfutsot]


Hidden Treasures - Celebrating Jewish Archives

A portal that celebrates Jewish archives in Britain and showcases collections from across the UK that tell the story of Jews and their experiences in Britain.


The International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies (IAJGS)


Jewish Records Indexing (JRI) - Poland

Searchable database of indexes to Jewish vital records accessible online.


ORT Alumni Network

The Association of Former Students of the ORT Anières Institute