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ORT Archive documents relating to Italy.

ORT Italy was established in 1946 to provide courses for Holocaust survivors. From the 1950s ORT catered to the needs of the local Italian-Jewish community. In the 1960s and 70s it also assisted Soviet Jews, who settled in Rome enroute to other destinations. The ORT online archive currently holds a small number of documents. More information on activities in Italy can be found in the 1947-1993 reports submitted to World ORT's governing bodies and in the World ORT Report (formerly the ORT Yearbook). These can be found under World ORT. Our photo galleries include more from ORT Italy and a brief history of ORT's activities in the country is available here.

Textual document.

Creator:American ORT Federation
Extent:1 page
Date:October 1948

Venti Anni Dedicati Alla Educazione Professionale [Twenty years dedicated to professional education].

Creator:ORT Italy
Extent:74 pages

Liceo Scientifico Istituto Tecnico per Periti Aziendali e Corrispondenti in Lingue Estere.

Creator:ORT Italy
Extent:1 leaflet
Location:Rome, Italy