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ORT diploma No. 405, awarded to Herbert Stein by the ORT school in Berlin, 1941.

The document states that Herbert Stein has attended the school since 8 March 1940 [according to Stein this is a typo, which should have stated: April]. He has completed 10 months of locksmithery, 1 month tinsmithery. After cessation of teaching, i.e. from end of April 41 until 31 August 41, Herbert Stein participated with good results in the productive and practical work relegated to us by Siemens & Halske. His achievements in practical implementation as well as in theoretical subjects are considered to be very good. Signed by Werner Simon. [translation by Herbert Stein].

Creator:ORT Berlin
Extent:1 page
Date:05 September 1941
Location:Berlin, Germany