ORT in Chile

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ORT Chile was created in 1943.The first school opened in 1944 in Santiago with 42 students. It offered technical and general education classes. By 1948 the school was providing courses in mechanics and electricity.

In the 1970s ORT Chile began working with Vaad HaChinuch to introduce its science and technology programmes into local Jewish schools. These have grown through the years to include seminars and courses for students and adults, teacher training and Jewish education.

In 1995 ORT Chile began working with the Coca-Cola Foundation on a network of science education centres (the Tavec project). These provided state-of-the-art science and technology laboratories together with an educational infrastructure, training programmes and technical support.

Recent years saw ORT Chile become even more involved in supporting the wider local community and its work has attracted widespread acclaim and support. Since its inception, ORT Chile has provided support to the government, to local businesses and to 500 schools and institutions in the country, helping to educate hundreds of thousands of students of all ages.